Artist Statement:

My name is Lisbeth Thygesen. I am a narrative and figurative visual artist. I describe my art as magical realism, but I’ve also been described as a pop surrealist and a visionary artist.

I usually work with acrylic paintings, but I enjoy expressing myself in a variety of other media as well.

I am inspired by dreams, dream-traveling, spirituality and the Scandinavian or Nordic nature and create my images out these worlds. When I paint, I try not to interpret what I'm painting. The pictures come to life through an intuitive process, where I almost never use sketches. The intuitive, dreamlike process is very important for me to stick to.

As a child, I spent many days in nature in both Denmark and Sweden and this nature made a big impact on me and my imagination. I have always been fascinated by birds, animals and plants and I am still deeply absorbed by nature. I believe the animals and plants have a soul and they are almost magical to me. That feeling affects me in my artistic expression, in my dreams and in my perception of life. It is with this inspiration that I paint my paintings.

I wish for others who see my art, that they can take a moment outside of their everyday life and enter into a world where the imagination and the subconscious are allowed to visit corners of their minds where words may not have access. I hope my pictures awaken a reverberation or recognition and that they will bring some magic into the lives of those who see them.

I was born in 1973 and live in Frederiksberg, Denmark. My art studio is located in Copenhagen in connection with Gallery kbh kunst and have previously exhibited in several places in Denmark, as well as in Sweden, Spain and Germany.

I am a self-taught artist.

Written about my art:

"In a world where everything is measured, weighed and dissected, visual artist Lisbeth Thygesen moves behind that which is seen with the naked eye and invites us into a place where there is more between heaven and earth. She works with the unexplainable right under our nose, behind our closed eyes and deep in our dreams. All this she depicts, in her magical and stunningly beautiful art, where she, in extensive detail, paints birds, animals, plants and people connected in a wealth of details and symbols in dreamlike landscapes.

There is an alluring freedom in her works of art, in the play of light and shadow, and amidst the enchanting realities imbued with extreme detail, a sensory world opens up where that which nourishes the imagination gets to be studied.

Lisbeth Thygesen is a self-taught artist. She primarily works with acrylic paint on canvas, but she also experiments with other materials. Her studio is located in Copenhagen, Denmark on the corner of Øster Søgade and the “artist-street” Rørholmsgade."