• 2. -27. februar. Glostrup Art Association. Solo. 


  • December. Cook Medical Art Association. Solo.
  • 20. October: Pop-Up exhibition in colab with Rithva Landler and Simon Spang-Hanssen at the new artstudio.
  • October 1.: New art studio at Guldborgvej 12-14 in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen).
  • 16. August -16. September. Gallery Art Nou Mil·leni, Barcelona, Spain
  • 10.-14. August. Malmö Art Association, Townhall, Malmö, Sweden. Group show.
  • May - June. FLSmidth Art Association. Solo. 
  • Hartexpo 26. - 30. May. In connection with Gallery Art Nou Mil·leni, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 20.- 22. April 2018. Art Nordic - The largest Artfair in Scandinavia. Copenhagen.
  • 14. April - 5. May. Galleri kbh kunst. Group exhibition with Kitt Buch and Christina Elvira Godsk. "Nefilibatas- Surreal fables"
  • 17. marts - 15. april. KP18. Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling. One of the major censored exhibitions in Denmark. 3 works of mine were accepted out of a total of 29.
  • 15. marts - 2. april. The censured spring exhibition 2018Kunsthuset Annaborg in Hillerød.
  • 9. - 11. marts  The censured spring exhibition 2018 Frederiksborgcenteret in Hillerød. Prize winner of the audience award.


  • 5. December 2017 - medio February 2018. The art association Implement. Groupexhibition.
  • 16. november - 21. december. Galleri kbh kunst. "Winter//17". Group exhibition.
  • 29. august - 13. october. Boligforeningen 3B. Solo exhibition.
  • June. Nomeco Kunstforening. Group exhibition.
  • 28. - 30. april. Art Nordic - The largest Artfair in Scandinavia. Copenhagen.
  • March. Bonnier Publications. Groupexhibition.
  • 24. February - 30. March. Frederiksberg Forsyning. Solo exhibition.


  • 4. December kl. 10-15. Christmas Fair at Avedørelejren. 
  • 26. November - 22. December. Galartery. "And so this is Christmas". Groupshow.
  • 12. November - 22. December. Christmas Exhibition at Gallery kbh kunst. Groupshow.
  • October-November. NJORD Law Firm. Groupexhibition with among others Janna Kirkeby.
  • September 2016 - august 2017. Berlinmægleren, Berlin, Tyskland. Group-exhibition curated by Gallery kbh kunst.
  • July. HK art association. Group exhibition with Simon Fensholm and Marijana Oro.
  • June. DR-byen. Group exhibition with a.o. Helle Borre.
  • June 3. - June 25. Galartery. "Nature Magic". Co-exhibition with Henrik Hytteballe. 
  • may 7. At 11 am - 2 pm. "Gade-Artery"-event! Live-painting in front of Gallery GalArtery along with other artists.
  • March 19 - May 1. Galleri Lulu. "Mellem himmel og jord". Solo-exhibition.
  • February 13. - March 4. HCU - Hvidovre Censored Exhibition 2016


  • 7. November - 20. December. Galartery. "First Christmas". Group exhibition.
  • October. FTF’s Art association. Group exhibition.
  • August. Groupexhibition at Glostrup Hospital.
  • july 24. - august 7. Interartex/Galleri Quirinus, Sweden. "Love". Group exhibition.
  • July 2.- august 30. Group exhibition at Gallery 3G in Nykøbing Sj., Denmark. "Animal".
  • 1. juli - 31. august. FSB's art association. Group exhibition.
  • May. Group exhibtion at Kromann Reumert.
  • February 7.- 28. Solo exhibition at Gallery Kbh Kunst in Copenhagen. "Circles of life".


  • December 1. - december 21. Håndværkets hus. ( House of craftsmanship) Group exhibition. Copenhagen.
  • November 22. - December 24. Christmas-exhibit. Group exhibit at Gallery Kbh Kunst in Copenhagen.
  • October 31. - november 2.  "Kunst for alle" (Art-fair) in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen.
  • September. Group exhibition at the "Police art association".
  • March. Exhibition with other artists at the art association "Gyldenfeldt".


  • October. Exhibiting in a groupexhibit at the art association "Kidde Danmark".
  • October. Moved studio into Gallery Kbh Kunst, at Øster Søgade 34 in Copenhagen. 
  • January. Is now a regular exhibiter at Gallery Kbh Kunst at Øster Søgade 34 in Copenhagen.

Written in connection with an exhibition:

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2. juli - 30. august 2015

"Animal" - Galleri 3G

"In a world where everything is measured, weighed and dissected, visual artist Lisbeth Thygesen moves behind that which is seen with the naked eye and invites us into a place where there is more between heaven and earth. She works with the unexplainable right under our nose, behind our closed eyes and deep in our dreams. All this she depicts, in her magical and stunningly beautiful art, where she, in extensive detail, paints birds, animals, plants and people connected in a wealth of details and symbols in dreamlike landscapes.

There is an alluring freedom in her works of art, in the play of light and shadow, and amidst the enchanting realities imbued with extreme detail, a sensory world opens up where that which nourishes the imagination gets to be studied.

Lisbeth Thygesen is a self-taught artist. She primarily works with acrylic paint on canvas, but she also experiments with other materials now and then. Her studio is located in Copenhagen on the corner of Øster Søgade and the “artist-street” Rørholmsgade."

Galleri 3G

Mixed photographs from different exhibits

"A celebration of life"