Buying my art:

Below you can find links to where you can buy my art online. If you are interested in larger art, please write me an email instead.

  • Smaller original art as well as signed art prints can be found in my Etsy-shop. 
  • You may also find a broad selection of my art on Artboost.
  • Artmoney is a global alternative currency made of original art. The idea of artmoney is that artists produce a handmade currency that can be used in regular stores. Artists make their own money. Stores accept artmoney as payment. Art collectors buy artmoney as original art for a great price. Artmoney measures 12x18 cm and holds a fixed price of DKK 200.
  • Society6  and Redbubble are companies that are allowed to reproduce some of my art as prints on a variety of goods like for instance art prints, t-shirts, pillows, stationary etc. When you buy from them I'm payed a part of the price. 
  • PLART is a store in Denmark, where you can buy some of my art prints. They have stores in Rødovre and in Vanløse, you may also buy from their webshop. 


If you are interested in buying larger original art, please write me an email at ( 

Thank you so much for your support!

When you buy my art, you help me to continue making art and following my heart! And I do actually make a little happy dance! :) 

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